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Eva Pham, Managing Shareholder

Eva Pham is the managing shareholder for the Pham CPA Firm. She possesses exceptional talent in helping clients achieve financial and compliance deliverables. Eva’s strong interpersonal skills and technical financial background have helped her achieve immense success for her firm’s clients.

Eva began her career with Unocal (now Chevron) as part of their pipelines accounting and trade group. While in this capacity, she led multiple projects within the group, including the management of an accounts-receivable project that yielded the company >$2 million within 6 months. While working at Unocal, she also earned her Master’s of Science in Accountancy degree and obtained the highly coveted CPA license with the state of Texas.

After five years with Unocal, Eva switched gears and joined a public accounting firm in the Houston area. This experience laid the cornerstone for the start of her own CPA practice, which she began from scratch in 2009. The practice grew to service over 300+ ongoing clients throughout the United States. In 2016, she sold most of her practice to James DiFrancesco and Associates. Currently in her role as part-time CFO for multiple companies, Eva possesses a proficiency in helping clients restructure their balance sheets to optimize earnings and growth. She is also a leading expert in labor-union reporting, which is the area of expertise the Pham CPA Firm has built its reputation on through the years.

When not busy assisting clients, Eva is a committed member of the St. Vincent de Paul Society, which is an organization that serves the poor of the community. Last—and certainly not least—and on lighter note, Eva is very proud of her ongoing title as relationship matchmaker for friends and clients. She shamelessly boasts of this talent by citing evidence of three successful marriages and one pending engagement.

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